Words by Manal Aziz

In this analogue series, the Dutch photographer Marinka Grondel explores the metamorphosis of the beautiful and diverse Moroccan landscapes. She captures the power the touch of humankind has on this delicate but inevitable transformation.

Marinka, a young fashion and autonomous photographer, always tries to find connections in her captions. In doing so she creates an experience where shapes of the human body become part of their surroundings and vice versa. With previous publications in Vogue and i-D magazine, for this project, she stepped out of her comfortzone. Away from the fashion and human-centred imagery, she dove into unexplored depths of her own uncensored impressions.

The naturally soft pastel focus filter of the analogue camera coupled with the dreamy surroundings resulted in magical imagery. Unforgiving, abstract, sometimes otherworldly and spacey images leaving you a sense of alien familiarity. We’re grateful she agreed to share with us this memorable journey of hers. A journey that started in Marrakech, through the Atlas Mountains and brought her to the gates of the Merzouga wilderness, where she captured what would become her first encounter with the vast and intriguing mother of all deserts: the Sahara.

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